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Why Career Coaching?

I’ve always been borderline obsessed with trying to figure out how to learn, develop valuable skills, and market myself in my own career.  At the same time, I've always been equally as motivated to help others achieve success.  From aggressively pushing my college roommate to apply to a job at GE (which he got!) to helping my mother write "the best cover letter we have seen," I loved seeing others accomplish their goals.

I started small, helping people find jobs, enhance their resumes and cover letters and prepare for interviews.  As I got better and I started to achieve success in my own career, more people started reaching out to me.  I noticed pretty quickly that I was pretty damn good at seeing other people's potential (even more clearly than my own), helping them identify what they were good at and helping them accelerate towards their goals.

I gained a lot of confidence  as my "clients" delivered on some big goals.  From one person gaining acceptance into a top 5 business school to another making the transition from 5th grade math teacher to healthcare research analyst at a leading global strategy consulting firm, I was finding myself more inspired and excited than the people I was helping.   It became crystal clear that this was something I wanted to pursue on a more serious level.