What do you want to do when you grow up?


This guy is still trying to figure it out...

Don't be this guy

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For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with this question.  Thinking about it not only for myself, but others.  I think people are capable of more than they believe - but seeing that potential is hard without help. A lot of people know what they want, but they can't articulate it - its just a feeling.  I'm interested in bringing it to life and creating the vision for what that life looks like.  A career and a job are a big part of that.  For most people, that will be a big chunk of your day.  But maybe that's not what works for you.

What are your career goals? Do you have other goals?  Family? Philanthropic? How does it all fit in?  How do you tailor your career plan to get there?

I'm passionate about helping you figure this out - I've developed a four week Transformative Coaching Program that will help you:

  • Gain deeper insight on your dreams and the goals behind your goals
  • A framework for taking action that aligns with your future goals
  • A broader perspective beyond your career that focuses on building a life
  • An addiction to self-development and reflection that will continue to accelerate your success

Four Week Program

Week 1

Personal Motivators

  • Identify personal motivations and detractors
  • Understand your personal "superpowers" and what makes you unique
  • Begin to develop a definition of success

Week 2

Setting your Career Vision

  • Gain a deeper understand of how you make decisions
  • Begin to understand what is holding you back from taking action
  • Gain clarity on your career and life goals through a visualization exercise

Week 3

What Matters

  • Define what matters in all aspects of your life
  • Identify activities that give you energy as well as ones that detract from your energy
  • Assess how you currently spend your time and identify any misalignment

Week 4

Taking Action

  • Develop a short-term and long-term action plan to achieve your goals
  • Refine your focus on the actions that give you energy
  • Identify opportunities to unlock more action in your life
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What People Say

About a year ago I realized I reached a point in my career where I was no longer learning and had begun to silo myself into one specific vertical. I reached out to Paul to help guide me to identify what were ultimately the important driving factors to my career decisions. Through open questioning and exposure to Paul’s broad industry knowledge, it resulted in looking outside of my current industry and at a new city bringing me closer to home. The balance Paul helped me find between career movement as well as personal life decisions cultivated a deeper understanding of where I saw myself going, and also opened my eyes to industries I would have never considered prior to our discussions. Through the process I was able to identify my career and personal goals, find a career path in a different industry, and move up in my positioning even in a new industry. I am now challenged, feel more confident, and have a better balance and focus on next steps for my future and how to balance my career and personal goals.
Senior Sales Executive
Paul helped out tremendously in helping me figure out what to focus on while building up a new business with family. His program not only provided guidance professionally but also as importantly helped me define personally what factors were crucial to having a sustainable and balanced life to match my career goals. I was impressed with Paul's ability to quickly understand strengths and weaknesses and give insights to how to function more efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul for anyone looking for more clarity or focus in their careers or life
CEO, Family Office

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