After 10 years of working in the non-profit sector and becoming more and more frustrated with an inadequate salary and not feeling challenged, Paul opened my eyes to a host of opportunities I hadn't thought of.  I am confident, quick to find jobs, well connected, but Paul helped take that to the next level.  He quickly identified my skill sets that employers across all sectors are seeking, and helped me realized how valuable those skills are.  He took time to listen to me about what I enjoy most in jobs and suggested and described job opportunities I could explore outside of my previous work history.  Within a day of this conversation he had connected me to someone for an impromptu interview.  More interviews followed - none of which I applied to!  I am now starting with a new company that better utilizes my skill set, provides more challenging work, and a 40% pay increase!  Paul is very direct, responsive, knowledgeable, and can help put you at ease during this often vulnerable and frustrating process.  I am so thankful for his help and know you will be as well!
Professional living in NYC making an impact across the world supporting global health in developing countries

Over the last three years, Paul has been remarkably helpful providing professional advice in my rapidly-changing digital marketing field. However, his perspectives transcend my industry.  Paul takes a holistic approach to career guidance and the professional decision-making process. He has helped me to better evaluate the decisions I make, as well as the potential outcomes of various scenarios. His reliability and professionalism are unmatched!
Digital Marketing young professional
helped with internal preparation for performance reviews and positioning for promotions as well as career transition to another city. Helped negotiate 17% salary increase in new offer.

I can honestly say that I would not be where I am without Paul’s help when I a senior at UConn. Coming from a non-target school is an extremely challenging prospect when trying to break into top-tier consulting firms, but with Paul’s guidance and resume assistance, I was able to start my career at Deloitte, and eventually move on to Strategy & Ops at Deloitte Consulting. Even after assisting me with my resume, and case prep, he provided me guidance during my time at Deloitte, and later at Slalom. I was able to parlay my consulting experience into a global corporate strategy position at Starwood hotels, and couldn’t be happier with the direction my career is headed.
Professional currently working in Corporate Strategy
Helped break into consulting and have advised throughout career for 6+ years

Paul has been an exceptional coach and mentor. Over the past 10 months, Paul actively engaged in supporting our undergraduate consulting group, helping me and 6 other undergraduates learn the consulting 'basics.' His basic project support was incredibly valuable, but he often went beyond that, giving wide-ranging advice on career paths, business school, soft skills, and general business acumen. He has been absolutely vital to the group and we couldn’t have achieved success without him. Paul has perfected the art of guided feedback - not just telling us what to do but asking questions that make us think in a certain way to provoke a different result. He dedicated a lot of his free time to the group of Uconn students and really wants to give us the tools necessary to be successful in today's ever-changing job market. His dedication is unparalleled and he has made a huge impact the life of every student in the group
University of Connecticut

About a year ago I realized I reached a point in my career where I was no longer learning and had begun to silo myself into one specific vertical. I reached out to Paul to help guide me to identify what were ultimately the important driving factors to my career decisions. Through open questioning and exposure to Paul’s broad industry knowledge, it resulted in looking outside of my current industry and at a new city bringing me closer to home. The balance Paul helped me find between career movement as well as personal life decisions cultivated a deeper understanding of where I saw myself going, and also opened my eyes to industries I would have never considered prior to our discussions. Through the process I was able to identify my career and personal goals, find a career path in a different industry, and move up in my positioning even in a new industry. I am now challenged, feel more confident, and have a better balance and focus on next steps for my future and how to balance my career and personal goals.
Senior Sales Executive
F100 Company

Paul helped out tremendously in helping me figure out what to focus on while building up a new business with family. His program not only provided guidance professionally but also as importantly helped me define personally what factors were crucial to having a sustainable and balanced life to match my career goals. I was impressed with Paul's ability to quickly understand strengths and weaknesses and give insights to how to function more efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul for anyone looking for more clarity or focus in their careers or life
CEO, Family Office
Helped to gain alignment & clarity on long-term business and personal goals

Paul helped me land my dream job. When I enlisted his services, I was in the middle of a stalled career transition. I was a former television news producer who was disheartened to learn that higher education administration was a tough nut to crack. Paul helped me revamp my resume, and more importantly, my way of thinking. My focus changed from what I felt like was the hyper-specific career experience I had to offer, to what I knew I was capable of bringing to a team. I'm happy to report that I'm now working for the biggest university in Philadelphia in a role that fulfills me personally and professionally.
Former News Producer now pursuing her dreams in global travel & education
Academic Insitution

Paul's honesty and experience make him a great guy to have in your corner. He's a no-bullshit cheerleader. Paul helped me as I was moving from teaching into the business world. His advice didn't just help me land "a job." It gave me skills that will last me throughout my career. Since working with him, I've been in two positions that could not have been more perfect for me. Currently, I'm doing the work and learning the skills I'd hoped for. I work from home and choose my own hours, which allows me to be home with my 8-month-old.
Former Teacher & Current Marketing Exec
Helped transition to new city and start the journey to finding a job that she loves